For our first episode we take on a staple of game nights, Scattergories. Find out how easy it is to startle Mike and how Brian’s malapropism affects his play while we fumble our way through our first recording, which is actually our second recording.

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3 replies on “Scattergories”

  1. Music group with W: Weezer! C’mon!
    Brian – I remember playing Scattergories at Julie’s house early on at SWOSU. I’m pretty sure you were there. I just remember I used “beer” a lot when we got the letter b. Not very creative.
    My cousin and I love playing a game called Huggermugger. It has to do with spelling, vocabulary, word scrambles, etc. She rocks at it and I suck, but we still have fun playing.
    Great job on your first podcast, even if you had to do it twice!

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