We make no apologies for this episode as we explore the hallmark of family-friendly games, Sorry. Take one step forward and four steps back. While the safety zone will protect you from being sent back to the start, it may not protect you from viruses.


We appreciate you listening.

2 replies on “Sorry!”

  1. I’ve collected your episodes up to this on my iPod, just now finally listened to an episode, and it happened to be this one. Very cute. I had my doubts about the listenability of two guys playing a board game, but before I knew it, the episode was coming to an end. I thought next that you guys should do Farkle, because that’s the most recent game I’ve played, and I’m not much of a game player in the first place, but kinda enjoyed it. Then I visit your site and see that’s the most recent episode. Trippy. Looking forward to listening to more.

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