Game designer Brian Kowalski gives us a rundown of his dice throwing game Cookie Fu. This, of course, leads Mike and Brian into a discussion about cookies. C is for cookie and that’s good enough for the Game Night Guys.

Photos of Brian’s Mr. Bento are on Flickr as are a ton of other people’s.

After we played, we had dinner at China Chili. It was t-t-t-tasty tasty.

Learn more about Cookie Fu at

5 replies on “Cookie Fu”

  1. GNG –

    Grasshoppers, your Cookie Fu definitely needs practice. Anytime you’d like to chat with the Grandmaster, I’d be more than happy to help instruct you in the “Way of the Cookie”.

    Ah Mr. Bento. You Sir have good taste! I’ve got a few bento boxes myself. ^_-

    Did I mention that my wife was Japanese? I was just over there again in November. Japan is a beautiful country. “Anata no ‘Cookie Fu review’ wa totemo sugoi deshita. Domo arigatou gozaimashita!”

    Keep Fighting!
    Brian Kowalski


  2. Love you Game Night Guys! As always your repartee makes me LOL at work. Also, for whatever it’s worth, I didn’t get the Cookie Fu instructions, but I’m a visual learner like Brian. I couldn’t decide on my fave homemade cookie, so I settled on two: (good) oatmeal-cranberry & (not-so-good) chewy choco chip. Keep up the great work!

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