Tonight we play a card game based on and created by the musical pantomime group Steam Powered Giraffe. We talk to one of the members, David Bennett to find out more about this group of unique & talented performers. We also play their new single Honeybee.

Other side topics include Drew Droege‘s genius Chloe Sevigny videos (check out Toast) and Mike being the subject of a Craigslist missed connection.

Learn more about Steam Powered Giraffe at

9 replies on “Steam Powered Giraffe The Card Game”

  1. I *adore* Steam Powered Giraffe! I’m so lucky I live in San Diego and get to see them often. Also lucky to have seen the Clockwork Vaudeville stage show. Really, really great interview!! So glad I got to hear it!! =D

  2. Steam Powered Giraffe is one talented group of individuals! I fell in love with them the minute I saw them in Balboa Park. This is a perfect example of people who are living their BLISS!

  3. Great episode as usual! I enjoy learning about new bands – Steam Powered Giraffe sounds awesome!

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