How much do Mike & Brian love How Much Do We Love…? We love it a lot. We also love Sara Davis & Rob Lindley? So much! Tonight, they join us for a rousing game of Encore, the board game that tests your memory and knowledge of music lyrics.

We also do a quick round of HMDWL. Things we love include¬†Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Dish Soap, bonus packs & travel sizes, roasting broccoli, bad movies streaming on Netflix Instant: Vegas in Space, Under the Cherry Moon, Dilemma and Can’t Stop the Music.

We want to thank Rob & Sara for joining us tonight for such a fun game night. You can find their awesome podcast at or on iTunes. If you aren’t already listening to them, y’all need to get on that. Follow them on Twitter: @howmuchdowelove and also individually: Sara is @sallypnut and Rob is @lindleyrob.

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