Scott from The Saytrsphere sent us a couple games to try out and tonight we give one a try. Join us as we make another attempt at playing a deck building game. This one is called Scary Tales. Our conversation tends to wander around quite a bit after that.

Check out Bizzy! It’s a really cool app and the people who work there are awesome.

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Thank you Scott for your voicemail and sending us this game. We really appreciate it. Find his podcast at

One reply on “Scary Tales”

  1. LOL!!! 26:55 “I need to roll 3 eyeballs…” and all the talk about controlling the fairies and blue balls… I just couldn’t help it. One of those times that the LOLs are really Out Loud. Good show, the most enjoyable podcast I’ve ever heard. Ever. Thank you Scott for the “fairy” tales card game.

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