It’s trivia night here on Game Night Guys. Tonight we play a game called Codigo Cube. It’s a QR coded die that uses an app on a smartphone to give you trivia questions and keep score. Nifty, right?

Big thanks to Todd at Four Clowns Game and Toy Company in Scottsdale, Arizona for sending us this game to play. Learn more about Codigo Cube at

We also give shout outs to a few podcasts: Linoleum Knife, Live It Up!, and The Satyrsphere.

33 replies on “Codigo Cube”

  1. This is so cool! I have a hard time getting my hubby to play board games with me, but if he gets to use his phone, I think I may have a chance! Love the podcast! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Great podcast. I love trivia games and contests. Curtis is a great addition to the show. Let’s kick this pig and get me a free game.

  3. Amber, I have the same issue with my husband, maybe if one of us wins we figure out a way to play together without them, lol.

    And thanks guys for helping my work day go by faster. I wouldn’t be able to make it on Sundays when I’m by myself without yall.

  4. Color is often a problem in games for me, since I’m color blind. Maybe that’s why they picked the colors I did?

    Why are the scores all multiples of 10!?
    It seemed like they could more sensibly have had scores 1-6. Yes/no?

  5. I’m intrigued. If for nothing else, I knew a bunch of the answers to the obscure hockey questions you guys had, so I’d have an advantage in my group!

  6. I believe I may be the only non Arizona listener to have met Brian and Mike (maybe Curtis next year?) in person, so obviously IM the biggest fan and should therefor win!

  7. I listen to this podcast while living in Saudi Arbia and I cant wait to get back to the US and actually try some if these games! Maybe codigo will my first new one.

  8. This was my first GNG podcast, you’ve got yourself a new fan! My newbie status might disqualify me from winning anything, but wanted to let you guys know I’m looking forward to new episodes.

  9. Love this show … I listen to it every week and now am finally motivate to come comment here. This game actually sounded really fun even if the questions sounded really tough. Count me in!

    I miss Mike, but I like Curtis too!

  10. This would have been perfect last night as my family and I were playing post-Thanksgiving games! Maybe next year!

  11. Love the show guys! Curtis has been a great addition. I’ve been listening since, I think, show #2. Anyway, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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