This week we showcase four of our favorite iOS games. First we play Poker Pals which is a cross between a poker and a board game. Then we mine for diamonds with the newly updated Bejeweled. Quarrel DX  combines the land domination fun of Risk and the word building of Scrabble. We round out our gameplay with the mobile version of Ticket To Ride.

Also in this episode, Curtis shares his theory that the universe is conspiring against our podcast and Brian continues his quest to find a decent food truck festival in Phoenix.

If you want to play iOS games with us, you can find us on Game Center. Our usernames are cecilgene and cheapblueguitar.

Finally, we thank Jeffrey Ricker and wakertwojerk for their recent iTunes reviews.  If you leave us a review, let us know and we’ll send you a handwritten thank you note. Really!

2 replies on “Poker Pals, Bejeweled, Quarrel DX and Ticket To Ride Pocket”

  1. Aw, thanks, guys! I feel special. And I’m downloading Bejeweled right now. Yes, I’m probably the last person in the western world to start playing that game.

    (And do you mean you’ve actually figured out how to play the game I sent? I had wondered if it was even possible.)

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