We immerse ourselves into the highly-praised science fiction television show when we play Battlestar Galactica The Board Game. Will the Cylons defeat us? Eh… most likely. We also talk about our new favorite app, Draw Something; available on both iOS and Android.

Thanks to Jeffrey Ricker for sending us the game to try out. Check out his book Detours and his blog. He’s awesome. So say we all.

And finally, we play the entries from our theme song lyrics contest. Big thanks to Scott, Jon, Rod and Mike for submitting entries. They were all terrific and it was very difficult picking winners.

4 replies on “Battlestar Galactica The Board Game”

  1. I have only started the episode, so maybe it’s explained after the point in the episode that I’m at, but how are you playing a game that takes at least 3 players with only two players? The first thing I look at on a game is “# of Players” to see how big a group I need.
    I imagine that you guys don’t have a great experience with this game, but if you want a good game that works well with Hidden Betrayers and Skill Checks that’s a lot easier to understand than Battlestar, check out “The Resistance”. But make sure that when you do you have a group of at least 5 people, it’s better with a larger group.

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