There are a lot of new game ideas on Kickstarter. This week we talk about two of them. First, we chat with our pal Michael Fox from The Little Metal Dog Show about a game he’s developing called Ace Of Spies. Learn more about this fantastic looking card game and how you can support it on Kickstarter. You can also follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Then we play a game from a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. It’s called Faggles To Faggles. We learn about it from the guys who created it Bryan & Dan. Then we play this outrageous party game with them.

Brian has another rant about his office’s snack days. We also talk about the fanboydom of My Little Pony, known as Bronies.

And we manage to insult deaf people. Yet again. Our apologizes in advance.

To contact Bryan & Dan about possible reprints of Faggles To Faggles, you can email them at heygirlhey@fagglestofaggles. You can also follow the Faggles on Facebook and Twitter.