Christina from Greetings from Nowhere found this week’s game at a garage sale. Welcome Back, Kotter: The Up Your Nose with a Rubber Hose Game is based on a hit 70s sitcom about remedial students so it’s perfect for us.  Other things we talk about include: Brooke Smith, the movie Series 7: The Contenders, reality shows, the schools we attended, Curtis’s undying love for BioShock Infinite, Hackycat, May Day, books Brian is sort of reading right now, and, of course, sitcoms of our youth.

Thank you SO MUCH Christina for sending us this game to play. You can find her podcast, Greetings from Nowhere at 

If you have a game you want us to play, let us know!

Listen to Brian on episode 480 of Foul Monkeys.

Some of our friends have Kickstarter campaigns for games. Michael Fox has Fox & Chicken and Bryan & Dan are doing a second printing of Faggles to Faggles. (They were all on the same episode last year!) Check them out!