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Board Game Archives - Page 3 of 6 - Game Night Guys

Board Game

Mall Madness

LaLa Zigfreid suggests a game for us to play this week. It’s a huge-ass, glittery explosion of commerce called Mall Madness. This we discuss shopping, mall food, sweater weather, the Last Night On Earth/Mall Madness variant and Final Destination.

Be sure to check out LaLa’s podcast, All My Nonsense at allmynonsense.com. Also follow her on Twitter: @LaLaZigfreid. She rocks!

Senior Moments

You’re never too young to have a senior moment and this week we play Senior Moments. Listen as we test our failing memories.

Check out a Phoenix-based podcast, Train Wreck in Progress.

If you are a Phoenix-based listener, hit us up! We want to hear from you.

Hear Me Out

This game for some reason has a lot of political imagery however has nothing to do with politics. Weird. Hear Me Out also has a lot of stuff and a lot of rules but it is actually pretty fun to play. Mostly.

We chit chat about a lot of stuff including the TARDIS, that worm from the Richard Scarry books, Big Wheels, Speech class and Paul Thomas Anderson. Curtis tells us why he’d be black and Brian picks a fight with The Rock.



Listener Thom sent us this week’s vintage game. It’s a game about politics called Landslide.

Things we discuss include Stevie Nicks’ Fajita Roundup, Curtis’s AC probs, Groupon dinners and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Read the A.V. Club’s review of Game Night Guys.

Thank Thom for sending us this game. You rawk!


For some reason this week, we have trouble saying ALL WORDS when we play the classic game of skill Pente. Stones, scones, website, rebsite. Apparently our mouths are broken.

Curtis talks about new iPhone games he’s playing lately (shocking) and Brian explains why he thinks Pente is a snobby game while channeling his inner Jackée. Wait… Pente and Jackée rhyme! Grrr, for missed opportunities!

Be sure to listen to our guest appearance on Geeks Explicitly.  Thanks to Jonathan and Drew for having us on their podcast.

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