The Game of Life

In celebration of marriage equality in New York, we play with little plastic cars and tiny pink & blue pegs traveling through The Game of Life. Life is full of surprises. This game, however, is not. Things we chat about include: Seeing Company at the UltraStar Cinemas, the Hunger Games trilogy, Precious: Based on the Novel […]

Pay Day

What happens when two frugal guys play the classic game of making and spending money, Pay Day? We talk about old jobs including Brian’s old crazy boss and Mike’s short term career stint as Disney characters. We also discuss about seeing the documentary Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story. Play in new window | […]

Stay Alive

Tonight we play the marble dropping game of strategy, Stay Alive. Who will be the sole survivor? Don’t forget to cast your vote in our listener suggested poll on Facebook. (Or you can email us, leave us a voicemail or tweet us. SO MANY other options!) Play in new window | Download (Duration: 17:23 […]


How much do Mike & Brian love How Much Do We Love…? We love it a lot. We also love Sara Davis & Rob Lindley? So much! Tonight, they join us for a rousing game of Encore, the board game that tests your memory and knowledge of music lyrics. We also do a quick round […]

Titanic, The Board Game

Much like the Titanic itself, this episode is both epic and tragic. But of course, being us, it is also extremely juvenile. Join us as we travel from the back of the ship in second class and work our way through first class to the poop deck and eventually safety as we play Titanic, The […]

Be A Broadway Star

“Sing out, Louise!” Tonight we talk to Ken Davenport, the Broadway and Off-Broadway producer who created the game, Be A Broadway Star! Then we play the game that takes you all the way from acting school to making it big on Broadway. To learn more about this game, visit See Ken’s iPhone commercial on YouTube. […]

Glee CD Board Game

It’s Mike’s birthday and Brian surprises him with a game based on his favorite TV show, Glee CD Board Game. You can see photos from this episode on Thanks to Amy, Meredith & Scott for leaving Mike birthday messages. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 32:06 — 36.9MB)


Curtis returns to play his LEGO game, Minotaurus. We talk about all things LEGO including Curtis’s visit to BrickCon and various LEGO things you can make like the Death Star and a VW Beetle. Check out Chris McVeigh’s LEGO photography at Also, you can see photos of all the games we play on Flickr […]


Do you know the difference between a wappenschawing and a nurdle? It doesn’t matter if you do when you play the bluffing game, Balderdash. Things we discuss in this episode include Elayne Boosler and other 80s comediennes, people who say expresso instead of espresso, Mike’s upcoming birthday tattoo possibilities, and the dangers of binging on […]


Tonight we play the strategic marble stomping game, Stomple. We also talk about the new year and resolutions. Happy New Year! You can see a demonstration of Stomple at Play in new window | Download (Duration: 21:12 — 19.6MB)