Shindig Machine

It’s hotter than hell in Phoenix this weekend so what better reason to stay indoors and play a game. Meredith and Carrie return to help us out with a prototype of a game called Shindig Machine by Travesty Games. Thanks to Backpack Annie herself, Kimberly, for leaving us a voicemail. Play in new window […]


We try out a new party game called Boozle this week. It’s a fast-paced drinking game you play with cards. And drinks. And we have some! Brian teaches Curtis how to make a beer cocktail called Booty Sweat, but Curtis prefers to call it Hummingbird. Either way, it’s delicious. Thanks to game designer Andy Niggles […]

Donkey: It’s a Kick!

After we listen to a voicemail from Kyle in Hawaii, we introduce our full house of ladies—returning Game Night Gals Kandice, Kristin and Meredith as well as a new player, Wendy! (Plus we hear briefly from Carrie.) This week’s game is Donkey: It’s a Kick! It’s a fast-paced, unpredictable card game that’s a lot of fun to […]


Listener Graeme sent us this week’s game. It’s a darkly comic card game called Gloom and the object of the game is to be miserable. Since it’s allergy season, Brian already has a leg up on Curtis. Things we talk about this week include: Timehop, Helena Bonham Carter, our fear of clowns (excluding Flip from […]

Battle of the Sexes

We test our knowledge of the opposite sex in a Battle of the Sexes versus the ladies of Secretly Timid. We had a lot of fun playing this slightly sexist trivia game with Nan & Danielle. Also, Curtis outs Brian’s recent beverage obsession. And we talk about mondo poops. Feel free to tweet about that […]

Campaign Manager 2008

We’re going rogue as we take on the presidential political race from the Obama/McCain election when we play Campaign Manager 2008. Thing we discuss include why voting is dangerous, Christmas, disgusting Pringles and other holiday related junk food. To listen to Brian guesting on Life on the Shit List, go to Play in […]

Hooyah: Navy Seals Card Game

Somehow we find a way to make a card game about the military gayer than Christmas.  A filthy, dirty Christmas. (You’re welcome.) This week we play a new cooperative card game called Hooyah: Navy Seals Card Game. Things we talk about include Halloween, costumes of yore, Letterpress, Brian’s iPhone game app sabbatical, Ignite Phoenix, and our […]

The Game Night Guys Game

We received the best game to play on our 100th episode and 2nd anniversary from two awesome listeners. Josh & Dave created this game based the Game Night Guys podcast and had it printed for us. So incredibly awesome. The game draws upon a lot of the catch phrases and history of the show. Josh […]

Monopoly Deal

Listener Dani sent us this week’s game all the way from Hong Kong. It’s Monopoly Deal, a card game derived from the board game Monopoly. Topics we discuss include Twitter clients, an update on Curtis’s promotion and #HaikuReview. Plus we listen to a voicemail from Donna Suggarz from Big Silly Homo. (Thank you Ms. Suggarz!) […]

Grave Robbers from Outer Space

This week’s game pays homage to those B-movies you love to hate, or hate to love. It’s called Grave Robbers From Outer Space and was sent to us by Jason aka Fozziebare. This, of course, leads to a discussion about bad movies and horror movies. Also, find out why Curtis’s mom hates Brian. Thanks to […]