Reverse Charades

The Game Night Guys Estrogen Brigade returns to help us play a game that requires a lot of people. It’s a very simple twist on a classic guessing game called Reverse Charades. Watch video from this game at Thanks to Scott from Reverse Charades for sending us this game. You can find out more […]

Questionable Fun

Robots and Red Tape sent us a prototype of a game they created to try out. It’s called Questionable Fun and, as you’ll find out, was brought to you by the numbers four and twenty. If you want to help fund the finished game, head over to Kickstarter¬†and throw them a few bucks. Big thanks […]

Cards Against Humanity

Christina from Greetings From Nowhere was kind enough to loan us a game for this week’s game night. We invite Meredith and Kandi over to play the hilarious and offensive Cards Against Humanity.¬†It is truly a laugh out loud fun game. Thanks to Christina for sending us this game to play. Be sure to check […]

Memory Madness

Mike’s here this week and we see how many things we can rattle off before forgetting when we play Memory Madness. Things we discuss include Justin Bieber, the one naughty limerick we can remember, the end of Curtis’s mandatory overtime (huzzah!), volunteering with the Charity Chicks, Pride 48 in Vegas, and pub trivia. And of […]


Brian’s sick, Curtis is overworked and Meredith is our new Alec Baldwin. Throw all this in a blender then stick microphones in front of it and you get a whole bunch of Malarky. Things we talk about include Timehop, people who mess up our names and Meredith’s quest to find what song sounds like our […]

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a game that has very little to do with coffee but is much more about talking. While playing the game, our conversation turns to the All Souls Procession in Tucson, meeting the lovely Nessa from the Hello Nessa podcast and the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Play in […]

In A Pickle

The game In A Pickle surprisingly has nothing to do with pickles but everything to do with the word “in.” Listen as we play this creative thinking game with outrageous scenarios. Also this week, we talk about Mike’s attempts to be more positive, more movies we’ve recently seen and of course, pickles. Seriously, if you […]

Rory’s Story Cubes

This week, we are tapping into our imaginations and telling stories using Rory’s Story Cubes. Along the way we learn that Mike’s mom has been listening to a few back episodes. We also compare Brian’s old neighborhood with his new one. All this, lawyer boxes, Native American Aunt Silverfish and much more. There is still […]


Do you know the difference between a wappenschawing and a nurdle? It doesn’t matter if you do when you play the bluffing game, Balderdash. Things we discuss in this episode include Elayne Boosler and other 80s comediennes, people who say expresso instead of espresso, Mike’s upcoming birthday tattoo possibilities, and the dangers of binging on […]


For our first episode we take on a staple of game nights, Scattergories. Find out how easy it is to startle Mike and how Brian’s malapropism affects his play while we fumble our way through our first recording, which is actually our second recording. Ready for your turn? We’d love to hear what you think! […]