Mall Madness

LaLa Zigfreid suggests a game for us to play this week. It’s a huge-ass, glittery explosion of commerce called Mall Madness. This we discuss shopping, mall food, sweater weather, the Last Night On Earth/Mall Madness variant and Final Destination. Be sure to check out LaLa’s podcast, All My Nonsense at Also follow her on […]

Classic Battleship Movie Edition

After seeing the movie based on the board game, we sit down to play Battleship.¬†Fair warning: we spoil the heck out of this movie. Other things we discuss include: Curtis’s BFF Peter Berg, Law & Order: SVU, Ice T, Friday Night Lights, Dairy Queen’s new Confetti Cake Blizzard, and Brian’s inability to say the name […]

Pig Mania (Pass The Pigs)

Tonight, we play Pig Mania, also known as Pass The Pigs. This means we also talk about bacon. Natch. Other topics during table talk include: Our moms, movies, the Roku, Community and Secretly Timid‘s birthday boy Jon. We give a few shout outs for people who have gotten in touch with us recently and written […]

Mystery Date

It’s Valentine’s Day so this week we are playing the classic dating game, Mystery Date. Aside from dating and duds, we talk about turbans, Small Wonder, C.H.O.M.P.S. and whores. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 23:58 — 16.7MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

The Six Million Dollar Man Game

Gentlemen, we can record. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic podcast. This week we play a vintage board game based on the television show The Six Million Dollar Man. Our table talk includes the Superbowl, Puppy Bowl, Madonna, a cat with bionic legs and Drag Race contestant […]

Doodlebops Get On The Bus Board Game

This week’s game is based on a Canadian children’s television show and cost a whopping penny. It’s called Doodlebops Get on the Bus Board Game. Things we talk about this episode include: Brian’s special Amazon wish list just for Curtis, the new Kindle Fire, Rerun Reintroductions and the Foul Monkeys upcoming 400th episode. Play […]

Mouse Trap

We fulfill a childhood dream of Mike’s by playing Mouse Trap, the complex contraption-building table game. Considering neither one of us have engineering degrees, we found this game a tad difficult. We also play some voice mails from fellow podcasters! Check out Ricky on and Paul on Both are terrific podcasts. Check out […]


Curtis returns to play his LEGO game, Minotaurus. We talk about all things LEGO including Curtis’s visit to BrickCon and various LEGO things you can make like the Death Star and a VW Beetle. Check out Chris McVeigh’s LEGO photography at Also, you can see photos of all the games we play on Flickr […]


Brian is super sick this week so what better to play than Cootie, the classic “bug” building game. Topics we discuss include: Ke$ha, Brian’s trip to Chicago to see How Much Do We Love… LIVE!, The Facts of Life, our recent win of an Unloadie on Unload with Madge & Dave, and of course, our […]

Dreidel and Staccabees

Tonight, the Game Night Guys celebrate the Festival of Lights by playing the classic game of Dreidel. Then we play a stacking game appropriately called Staccabees. Happy Hanukkah! Or Chanukkah! Or however you want to spell it. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 22:43 — 21.0MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS