Carrie returns once again to help us play Gotcha! from Buffalo Games. And we talk about Pokémon Go! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 36:59 — 25.9MB)

The Big Bang Theory Rock! Paper! Scissors! Lizard! Spock! Dice Game

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock takes the classic Rock Paper Scissors game and gives it a nerdy twist as popularized but the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. During gameplay, a shocking and devastating secret about Curtis is revealed.  How’s THAT for a teaser! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 24:37 — 17.4MB)

Truth Be Told

Mike from What Some Would Call Lies joins us this week to play Truth Be Told, the laugh-out-loud, pretend to know your friends game. We talk about Mike’s Star Wars nerdery, Brian’s Pinterest potluck and Curtis’s Friends marathon. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:52 — 21.0MB)

Who’s Got Game? The Game with Benefits

Daddy, Sexxxy, Muffy and Hot Black Lover. What does any of that mean? Find out when we play Who’s Got Game: The Game with Benefits, a new game by Neil Strauss, seven-time New York Times bestselling author of  The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists and Rules of the Game. The best part is we are playing with …

Faggles To Faggles

There are a lot of new game ideas on Kickstarter. This week we talk about two of them. First, we chat with our pal Michael Fox from The Little Metal Dog Show about a game he’s developing called Ace Of Spies. Learn more about this fantastic looking card game and how you can support it …

Would You Rather…?

The gang from Secretly Timid joins us this week for a rousing round of mind-boggling, thought-provoking dilemmas: Would You Rather…? Things we discuss include: Stephenie Meyer, who on Captain Planet had the lamest power, the fear of cement trucks, adult diapers filled with cake and what would you do with six inches? And Brian opens an …

Marry, Boff, Kill

This week we are joined by the fabulous hosts of the fantastically raunchy podcast, Pod is My CoPilot – Taylor the Latte Boy, Taffy Carlisle Huffington and for a few brief moments, Rodan. What better game to play with this motley crew, than the crude game of selecting three individuals and deciding whether you’d marry, …

Rock Paper Scissors

Ro! Cham! Beau! Tonight, we play the ancient hand gesture game and then a card game based on it, Rock Paper Scissors. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:22 — 15.5MB)

Twenty Questions

Is it bigger than a bread box? Find out as the Game Night Guys play the classic guessing game Twenty Questions. After we take turns trying to stump each other, we then play with a computerized doo-hickey called a 20Q based on the game. Links The Oracle of Bacon Can you put it in …