Tile Game


Listeners Amy & Greg from New Zealand sent us one of their favorite games to play. Carcassonne is a clever tile-laying game that builds cities, roads and monasteries in the South of France.

Things we discuss include Mike’s recent adventures in manscaping, Brian seeing The Weepies in concert and we coin a new term that rhymes with Hoister Duck.

Big thanks to Amy & Greg for sending us this game to play. We really appreciate it.


For some reason while we play Rummikub, our inner 10-year-olds come out where everything we say is giggle-inducing. Things we crack wise about: boobs, brides, strippers, Dan Savage, jokes by jam hands, neti pots, Ben Hur, inappropriate song spurts, local drag queen Barbra Seville and listener Jennifer’s photo booth.

Here are the rules for playing Rummikub.