Planet Hollywood The Game

Kristen Meinzer drops in this week to help us play Planet Hollywood The Game. She is a producer for The Takeaway from Public Radio International & WNYC and co-host of the movie review podcast, Movie Date. (You should all subscribe. Like, right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait.) Between our embarrassing lapses of memory, we talk […]

Size Matters

First we listen to a call from the one and only Kathy Bacon! Then we dive into our latest thrift shop find. Size Matters is game where players compete to determine the longest, fattest, thickest and generally the biggest things in life. Things we talk about this week include Pie Party, Exposé, Michelle Visage and […]

The 80’s Game

Okay, so, like, this week’s gnarly game is, like, so tubular to the max. We test our 80’s pop culture to see who is more totally awesome when we play The 80’s Game. But first we listen to a radical voicemail from that righteous dude, Christian from the Pleased To Meet You podcast. Dude, when […]

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Trivia Game

We’re back! First, we listen to some voicemails from Listener Friends DeAndre, Humphrey and ZombieGurl TJ — who sent us this week’s game Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Trivia Game. We also play TJ’s version of our theme song that she recorded with Nicole & Christina from Greetings from Nowhere. It. Is. Awesome. Big […]

Children’s Bible Trivia

This week we tread into a subject we know very little about — the bible — when we play Children’s Bible Trivia. We also talk about Animal Crossing: New Leaf and LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes. Thanks to Christopher for the shout out on his blog. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:34 […]


Way back on our first episode, a Listener Friend left a game suggestion in the comments. 137 episodes later, we finally play it! This week we play a cross between trivia game and a word games, Huggermugger. Thanks to Ed from the It’s All About M.E. Podcast for the voicemail and Amy & Greg in New Zealand for the […]

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

Trivia games are fun, right? We give Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice a try this week and it goes about as well as can be expected. Especially when Brian fears he’s turning into his grandmother. Things we talk about this week include Pinterest, Kitchen Nightmares in Scottsdale, AAA and summer movies: Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby […]

Trivia Country Style

Trivia Country Style is just what you think it’s about: a trivia game all about country music. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Turns out neither one of us know anything about country music. Yee haw! Curtis has been playing BioShock Infinite, and Brian was in Chicago visiting with Rob from How Much Do We Love…? and hanging […]

Trivial Pursuit Disney For All

The gang from Pod Is My CoPilot is back to test their knowledge about everything Disney. There’s really nothing else to say other than stop what you are doing and listen RIGHT NOW. They are hilarious! Thank you so much Taylor the Latte Boy, Taffy Carlisle Huffington and Rodan for playing Trivial Pursuit Disney For All and […]

Battle of the Sexes

We test our knowledge of the opposite sex in a Battle of the Sexes versus the ladies of Secretly Timid. We had a lot of fun playing this slightly sexist trivia game with Nan & Danielle. Also, Curtis outs Brian’s recent beverage obsession. And we talk about mondo poops. Feel free to tweet about that […]