That’s So Raven: Star of the Show Game

That’s So Raven is a teen sitcom on the Disney Channel. Some how it has managed to spawn a few different board games. We tackle the trivia based game called That’s So Raven: Star of the Show Game which, in hindsight, is not the best idea since between the two of us, we’ve seen a […]

‘Tis The Season Christmas Trivia

Alonso & Dave from Linoleum Knife join us this week to kick off the holiday season with a round of ‘Tis The Season Christmas Trivia. Subscribe to Linoleum Knife at or through iTunes. You can also hit them up on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @linoleumcast. Alonso’s book Have Yourself a Movie Little […]

GLBT Grand Prix 2012

This week’s show was recorded LIVE as a part of the Pride 48 Podcast Marathon. Once again we are playing at gay pop culture quiz we came up with called the GLBT Grand Prix! This year are joined by our friends Tim & James from Tastes Like Burning to play a game we made up […]

Finish Lines

First, we start with an apology to our neighbors in the north. Then, we dive into Finish Lines, a game that tests your knowledge of quotations from history, literature, film, and more by filling in the missing piece at the end of the quote. Things we discuss during this episode include SongPop, The Sound of […]


Our apologies in advance to our Canadian listeners for taking our frustrations out on your lovely country who manufactured this esoteric, impossible to answer trivia game called Trivia-Challenge. Thanks to Thom for this week’s voicemail! You rock. Congratulations to Holly and Loser McTool for winning our Chronology giveaway. Play in new window | Download […]


This week we find out how truly awful we are at history when we play Chronology. Things we chit-chat about include: Lance Armstrong, the new documentary The Imposter, the internet meme ERMAHGERD and School House Rock. Brian also possibly insults Flip from the podcast, Flip the Table. Sorry Flip! Big thanks to Maura at Buffalo […]

Friends Trivia Game

A few weeks ago, Curtis mentioned he had just finished watching all ten season of Friends, so this week we play a a trivia game based on Friends. This means, naturally, that we talk a lot about our favorite moments from the television show. Other things we discuss  include Brian’s hashtagged birthday  known as #BriDay and who […]


Warning: we recorded this after eating several sugary donuts so buckle up while we take a tour of old advertising slogans, headlines and jingles playing Adverteasing. Table talk includes: Dish Network’s ad-skipping DVR, The Colbys, the new UK and US versions of Sherlock Holmes, the death of Brian’s Fitbit, smoking, hair care, Kudos and Chewels. Play […]

Pop Music Trivia

For some reason, playing a pop music trivia game about songs from the 50s to the 80s inspires us to talk a lot about movies. Go figure. Other stuff includes: concerts we’ve seen, Curtis gives an answer that will no doubt alienate all of our gay listeners, but no worries… Brian wins them right back. […]

Trivial Pursuit TV Edition

This week’s thrift store game tests our television knowledge from over 20 years ago. Tonight, we play Trivial Pursuit TV Edition and reminisce of television shows of yore. Find out why Brian keeps talking about flavors of pie and what Curtis’s family thought he was doing in the bathroom when he was in high school. […]