Trivia Game

A Christmas Story The Board Game

It’s the holiday season, so what better time to play the game based on the popular Christmas comedy: A Christmas Story The Board Game. And who better to play it with than movie critics Alonso Duralde and Dave White of the Linoleum Knife podcast.

We of course talk a lot about movies, but also Brian’s mysterious magazine subscription. Plus we get a surprise visitor.

You can subscribe to Dave & Alonso’s podcast at or through iTunes. You can also hit them up on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @linoleumcast.

Also be sure to check out Alonso’s book Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas available on It makes a great stocking stuffer.

Thanks to Dave & Alonso for joining us. We had a ton of fun and no one shot their eye out.

Brian's Birthday Extravaganza

Brian’s Birthday Extravaganza

This week is Brian’s birthday and Mike has created a special game just for him. Join us as we find out which of Brian’s friends — Meredith or Thomas — knows Brian better as they play Brian’s Birthday Extravaganza!

VH1 Pop-Up Video Game

We invite our friends from Unload with Madge and Dave to play this week’s game, because who better to play VH1 Pop-Up Video Game than self-proclaimed PhDs in pop culture who love to sing?

You can see examples of Pop-Up Video on YouTube.

Big thanks to Madge & Dave for coming on the show and playing with us. We had so much fun with them. If you haven’t already subscribed to their podcast, you are really missing out. They are hilar. Fo shizz.