Be A Broadway Star

“Sing out, Louise!” Tonight we talk to Ken Davenport, the Broadway and Off-Broadway producer who created the game, Be A Broadway Star! Then we play the game that takes you all the way¬†from acting school to making it big on Broadway. To learn more about this game, visit See Ken’s iPhone commercial on YouTube. […]

Steam Powered Giraffe The Card Game

Tonight we play a card game based on and created by the musical pantomime group Steam Powered Giraffe. We talk to one of the members, David Bennett to find out more about this group of unique & talented performers. We also play their new single Honeybee. Other side topics include Drew Droege‘s genius Chloe Sevigny […]

Cookie Fu

Game designer Brian Kowalski gives us a rundown of his dice throwing game Cookie Fu. This, of course, leads Mike and Brian into a discussion about cookies. C is for cookie and that’s good enough for the Game Night Guys. Photos of Brian’s Mr. Bento are on Flickr as are a ton of other people’s. […]