Pride48 PodClash

This week’s episode was recorded live in front of a studio audience in Las Vegas at Pride48. With so many podcasters in one place, we decided to pick six and pit them against each other in an ultimate battle we call Pride48 PodClash. BIG THANKS to our contestants. Be sure to check out their podcasts: Brenda Boo […]

Battle of the Bands

Christina from Greetings from Nowhere and her husband, Bob visit us this week and teach us how to play the card game, Battle of the Bands. We find out just HOW competitive the Hills are. Spoiler alert… A LOT! Be sure to listen to Curtis on Pod Is My CoPilot and Brian on the Pink Wheelnuts […]

Planet Hollywood The Game

Kristen Meinzer drops in this week to help us play Planet Hollywood The Game. She is a producer for The Takeaway from Public Radio International & WNYC and co-host of the movie review podcast, Movie Date. (You should all subscribe. Like, right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait.) Between our embarrassing lapses of memory, we talk […]

More Dirty Minds

This week’s episode was recorded live in front of a studio audience in Las Vegas at Pride48. We play a game of improper clues that lead to very clean answers called More Dirty Minds. Thanks to Ed from It’s All About M.E. and Scott from The Satyrsphere for playing with us. Also, big thanks to Nicole, Christina […]

Trivial Pursuit Disney For All

The gang from Pod Is My CoPilot is back to test their knowledge about everything Disney. There’s really nothing else to say other than stop what you are doing and listen RIGHT NOW. They are hilarious! Thank you so much Taylor the Latte Boy, Taffy Carlisle Huffington and Rodan for playing Trivial Pursuit Disney For All and […]

Battle of the Sexes

We test our knowledge of the opposite sex in a Battle of the Sexes versus the ladies of Secretly Timid. We had a lot of fun playing this slightly sexist trivia game with Nan & Danielle. Also, Curtis outs Brian’s recent beverage obsession. And we talk about mondo poops. Feel free to tweet about that […]

Would You Rather…?

The gang from Secretly Timid joins us this week for a rousing round of mind-boggling, thought-provoking dilemmas: Would You Rather…? Things we discuss include: Stephenie Meyer, who on Captain Planet had the lamest power, the fear of cement trucks, adult diapers filled with cake and what would you do with six inches? And Brian opens an […]

A Christmas Story The Board Game

It’s the holiday season, so what better time to play the game based on the popular Christmas comedy: A Christmas Story The Board Game. And who better to play it with than movie critics Alonso Duralde and Dave White of the Linoleum Knife podcast. We of course talk a lot about movies, but also Brian’s mysterious […]

GLBT Grand Prix 2011

This week’s show was recorded LIVE as a part of the Pride 48 Podcast Marathon. For this special show, we invited our friends Jon & Paul from Secretly Timid to play a game we made up about gay pop culture and current events we call the GLBT Grand Prix! Big thanks Jon & Paul for joining […]


Michael Fox — host of The Little Metal Dog Show — joins us this week to play an online version of the wildly popular deck-building card game Dominion. You can play Dominion  for free at Listen to Michael’s board game podcast at He is also the host of the video game podcast, Joypod […]