Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game

Joe in Dallas sent us the Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game, but neither of us have ever seen the show. So we invite Taylor and Taffy from Pod Is My Copilot to play with us!

(Thanks to Joe for sending us this game!)

The Great Grape Ape Game

Christina from Greetings from Nowhere sent us this week’s game based on the 70s cartoon, The Great Grape Ape Game. Things we talk about this week include: Thanksgiving plans, Pie Party and we pull the winner for our Simon Says Macy Giveaway!


It’s Halloween! So why not open a portal to hell just for kicks? We learn a little bit about the Ouija Board and then taunt a few spirits. We also hear from Lanier Wexford (obvi) who has a very special announcement.

Geek Out!

It’s our 200th episode! To celebrate, we play a trivia game that’s all about pop culture nerdery, Geek Out! Thanks to Benjamin from the Reddit Secret Santa Board Game Exchange for this game. Thanks to Peter and Humphrey for the voicemails and also to Lanier Wexford for checking in.

And thank YOU for listening to 200 of these. Y’all rock!

Cosmic Cows

Cosmic Cows is a dice game with the same mechanics as Yahtzee with that added element of bovine abducting aliens. Per usual, there’s a lot of silly adolescence humor. After 199 episodes, that should be obvious. Thanks to Flip from Flip The Table for sending this game.

Thanks to Marq & Ed from It’s All About M.E., ZombieGurl TJ from the Brain Dead Podcast, RT Cruiser and Lanier Wexford for their voicemails. If you’d like to leave us a voicemail for EPISODE 200, call 480-648-4263.

Exploding Kittens

Meredith & Wendy have returned to help us play one of the most successful Kickstarter-funded games featuring The Oatmeal cartoonist Matthew Inman. It’s called Exploding Kittens and there’s a regular version and a NSFW version. Which on do you think we played?

Thanks to Kandice, Amy in New Zealand and Lanier Wexford for the voicemails. Thanks to King Moe III, Princess Honah and Baby Girl Minxie for the iTunes reviews.

Scrabble Duplicate Crossword Game

This is a version of Scrabble that you can play at a party. WE LIKE TO PARTY! It’s called Scrabble Duplicate Crossword Game. Things we talk about this week include chocolate beer, Dutch Bros. (obvi), the catchiness of Taylor Swift, 24 (obvi), and a shameless plug for reviews.

This episode also includes an update from Lanier Wexford.

Say Anything

Carrie returns to defend her title as Super Fan when we play a game about the things we think called Say Anything. We also answer the burning question, “Where in the Game Night Guys episode canon is Lanier Wexford?”