24 Countdown Game

Brian is super excited about the new season of 24 coming out so Curtis finds a game based on the action series. Can Jack Bauer save us from horrible licensed board games? Can Brian stop making the 24 countdown clock sound? Will Curtis throttle Brian if he can’t? Find out in this episode!

Trading Spaces Game

Trading Spaces Game is based on the popular reality show from the 2000s about two sets of neighbors who redecorate a room in each others home. We try to spend our $1000 budget first by matching our opponent’s answers. We also talk about recently making healthy choices and our excitement for Pride48 in Vegas this September.

Backstreet Boys Around the World Game

Carrie brings us this week’s game based on her tween crush. Goody for us! It’s called Backstreet Boys Around the World Game. Things we talk about include April Fools’ Day, the Which Game Night Guys Are You? quiz, Taylor the Latte Boy, Big Fatty, Pride48 and other boy band business.

American Idol Collectible Card Game

Flip The Table sent us this week’s game based on the third season of the popular televised singing competition, American Idol Collectible Card Game. Big ups to them! Check out their very SFW podcast at tableflipsyou.com.

Thanks to dual resident Jeffrey Ricker for the Canadian iTunes review. You are swell.

Seinfeld Trivia Game

Can you spare a square? This week we play a trivia game based on the television show, Seinfeld. Funny how a show about nothing can produce a game about nothing. No podcast for you. 

Thanks to Brian aka BDiddy440 for the recent iTunes review. Thanks Brian!


Listener Humphrey sent us this week’s game for us to play. It’s called Superfight!, the hilarious game of arguing about ridiculous fights. To help us play, we are joined by our Game Night Gals, Kandi & Kristin who up our #LadyNerd cred and scold us for our lack of Harry Potter knowledge.

Big thanks to Humphrey for sending us this game. Now, Humphrey… #CTFD. (He’ll know what that means.)

Judge For Yourself

This week we see how “judgmental” we are when we play Judge For Yourself, a guessing game about real court cases.

Thanks to Prof. Scammington for the recent iTunes review.

Hear Brian on Greetings From Nowhere #197! 

Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is a game we’ve been wanting to play for a long time even though it turns out to be a lot of not talking. Things we talk about during this episode include: the Ticket to Ride app, Christina from Greetings from Nowhere, Big Fatty, Pretty Woman, art galleries, spoken word events,  Ryan in Canada, Portland, Christian from Pleased to Meet You, Frozen, Alias, The Good Wife, the Final Destination franchise and Founders Day on It’s All About M.E.

Deck Around

What’s a London fogger? How about a Twitter bang? Find out when we play Deck Around, a bluffing game in explicit detail. Kristin & Wendy join us to play this week. Things we talk about include Phoenix Comicon and — you guessed it — pie.

Thanks to Chris for sending us a copy of his game. You can order yours at deckaround.com.


Lakebilly is a party game where you fill up as many boats as you can with boozy locals and deliver them to the lake party as fast as possible. Big thanks to Michael at Dog Might for sending us this game.

And more thank yous for TJ from Nowhere and Kathy Bacon for the voicemails.