Planet Hollywood The Game

Kristen Meinzer drops in this week to help us play Planet Hollywood The Game. She is a producer for The Takeaway from Public Radio International & WNYC and co-host of the movie review podcast, Movie Date. (You should all subscribe. Like, right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait.)

Between our embarrassing lapses of memory, we talk about (what else) MOVIES! We had a lot of fun recording with Kristen. Find more about Movie Date at and

Xboxmas 2013

Once again we gather together to celebrate the holidays by playing various video games. This year’s Xboxmas includes Saints Row IV, where Brian and Curtis give the Super Hero-in-Chief a makeover. Then we switch over to the Wii U and play Wii Bowling. Then Curtis shows Brian the new game Super Mario 3D World. Then we round it out with a couple games in Game & Wario.

We also receive a “special” delivery from New Mexico.

Big thanks for our holiday greetings from Baron Frost from Next Blime, Flip from Flip the Table, Sara & Bryan from SCHMOVIE and Scott from The Satyrsphere!

Thank you all for listening this year and supporting Game Night Guys! Wii wish U a Merry Xboxmas!

Do The Urkel!

This week, we hitch up our pants and put on our snazziest suspenders when we pay tribute to Steve Urkel from Family Matters. That’s correct. We are going to Do The Urkel! (Did I do that!?) We also talk about Thanksgiving, Pie Party and Xboxmas.

Size Matters

First we listen to a call from the one and only Kathy Bacon! Then we dive into our latest thrift shop find. Size Matters is game where players compete to determine the longest, fattest, thickest and generally the biggest things in life.

Things we talk about this week include Pie Party, Exposé, Michelle Visage and cats.

Laverne & Shirley

One of our awesome listeners sent us this week’s game based on the classic sitcom Laverne & Shirley. Thank you Robert L. for finding this game and sending it to us!

Things we discuss this week include: Facebook, Snapchat, Catching Up with Catching Up, Curtis moving, Brian’s weekend in Chicago including seeing John & Rob from The Daily Purge and Waylon & Brad from Foul Monkeys.

Thank you Robert L. for the recent iTunes review and to Josh & Dave and TJ from Nowhere for the recent Stitcher reviews.

Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be a Redneck If… Game

Jeff Foxworthy has made a career of telling “You might be a redneck if…” one liners and this week we play a game based on them , accurately titled Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be a Redneck If… Game.

We talk about the recent dust up with our friends Marq & Ed from the It’s All About M.E. podcast and the Occupy Squaretown movement.

Big thanks for Graeme for leaving us a voicemail of concern and to Baron Frosti from Next Blime and Kathy Bacon from the BFO for the new iTunes reviews.


Schmovie is the hilarious game of outlandish films and we get to talk to the people who made it. Then we dive in and play Schmovie with our friends Carrie and Chris. The usual hilarity and inappropriateness ensues.

Thanks to TJ from Nowhere for the voicemail and alynn33 (Our favorite new Canadian) for the iTunes review. (Bee tee dubs… have you left us a review? Whaddaya waiting for?)

Also, big thanks to Sara Farber and Bryan Wilson of Galactic Sneeze for talking with us about their game. You can find more at

Monkey Lab

Listener Patrick and his son Allen sent us this game called Monkey Lab about former laboratory monkeys who are on a mission to free their monkey friends. This of course means we talk about the Foul Monkeys a little, so Ricky may actually listen to this episode.

Check out this homage to Game Night Guys by podcasters The Fey Driver, Brenda Boo & Musing Mark at

Thanks Patrick & Allen for sending us this game!


We are back from Las Vegas and have many stories to share about our trip while we play the classic casino game, Blackjack.

Thanks to Tom the Ramble Redhead for the voicemail. Check him out at

More Dirty Minds

This week’s episode was recorded live in front of a studio audience in Las Vegas at Pride48. We play a game of improper clues that lead to very clean answers called More Dirty Minds. Thanks to Ed from It’s All About M.E. and Scott from The Satyrsphere for playing with us. Also, big thanks to Nicole, Christina & TJ from Greetings from Nowhere for singing our theme song.

Other people you will hear include: Mike from Catching Up, Daniel from Dubious Intent +, Nessa from Hello Nessa, Daddy Dave  & Romo from Pod Cubs, Taylor & Taffy from Pod Is My CoPilot, Jon & Nan from Secretly Timid, Big Fatty from Big Fatty Online, Wes from The Gay Life of a Country Boy, David from That Blue Jeans Guy, Christian from Pleased to Meet You, Matthew from Chaotic Ravings, and Blair from Instant Gratification.