The 80’s Game

Okay, so, like, this week’s gnarly game is, like, so tubular to the max. We test our 80’s pop culture to see who is more totally awesome when we play The 80’s Game. But first we listen to a radical voicemail from that righteous dude, Christian from the Pleased To Meet You podcast.

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Happy Days Fonzie’s Real Cool Game

Tonight we find out who’s the coolest when we play Happy Days Fonzie’s Real Cool Game. Brian talks about his birthday, otherwise known as #BriDay, and Curtis audibly rolls his eyes. We listen to several voicemails and put one caller on blast.

Thanks to Christopher, Marq & Ed from It’s All About M.E. Podcast, Carrie, Richard, Kyle and Flip from Flip The Table for all the voicemails.

Big thanks to our favorite party clown and podcast bestie Flip Florey for sending us this game. Check out Flip the Table at

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Trivia Game

We’re back! First, we listen to some voicemails from Listener Friends DeAndre, Humphrey and ZombieGurl TJ — who sent us this week’s game Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Trivia Game. We also play TJ’s version of our theme song that she recorded with Nicole & Christina from Greetings from Nowhere. It. Is. Awesome.

Big thanks to local Listener Friend Dan for joining us and playing this game. And  also big thanks to all the girls from Nowhere. We can’t wait to meet you all at Pride48 in Vegas. Find them at

Children’s Bible Trivia

This week we tread into a subject we know very little about — the bible — when we play Children’s Bible Trivia. We also talk about Animal Crossing: New Leaf and LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes.

Thanks to Christopher for the shout out on his blog.

Shindig Machine

It’s hotter than hell in Phoenix this weekend so what better reason to stay indoors and play a game. Meredith and Carrie return to help us out with a prototype of a game called Shindig Machine by Travesty Games.

Thanks to Backpack Annie herself, Kimberly, for leaving us a voicemail.


Way back on our first episode, a Listener Friend left a game suggestion in the comments. 137 episodes later, we finally play it! This week we play a cross between trivia game and a word games, Huggermugger.

Thanks to Ed from the It’s All About M.E. Podcast for the voicemail and Amy & Greg in New Zealand for the postcard!

The Sex Education Game

Are you ready to learn about how the Liquid of Life floods the Boulevard of Urgency? Neither are we! But join us anyway as we play this ridiculous vintage game called The Sex Education Game. Among the things we talk about includes Curtis’s birthday, Man of Steel, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, UNO & Friends and Big Fatty of the podcast Big Fatty Online. We also read an email from BradMa.

Thanks to our second favorite party clown Flip Florey for the iTunes review. Check out his podcast Flip The Table.

The Apprentice Game

We start today with two voicemails. First, Kyle from Hawaii offers some suggestions for Curtis’s birthday. Next, we hear from Humphrey in Canada who sent us this week’s game. It’s based on the reality show, The Apprentice. Unfortunately, the game does all the talking so we have to hold our chit chat to the end.

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Big thanks to Humphrey for sending us this game! You’re hired! 


We try out a new party game called Boozle this week. It’s a fast-paced drinking game you play with cards. And drinks. And we have some! Brian teaches Curtis how to make a beer cocktail called Booty Sweat, but Curtis prefers to call it Hummingbird. Either way, it’s delicious.

Thanks to game designer Andy Niggles for sending us this game to play. You can download the free print and play version of Boozle at