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Game Night Guys is refreshing in that regard, as its simple conceit—two friends learn how to play a party game, and then do so non-competitively—allows room for lighthearted, Mike And Tom Eat Snacks-style banter to break up the action. The MATES comparison isn’t too far of a stretch: Though hosts Brian Gregory and Curtis Hill aren’t comedians, their quick-witted and frequently hilarious observations on a game’s mechanics are often more enjoyable than the game itself.

Steven Moore, A.V. Club

They really bounce well off each other and have a great rapport, playing classic board and card games that you may well have forgotten.

Michael Fox, Little Metal Dog Show

[The] Game Night Guys are always upbeat, always fun to listen to, and always the first show I go to when a new episode is out.

TJ F.,  Stitcher review

Game Night Guys is an incredibly entertaining podcast that focuses on the fun of board games—even when those board games aren’t as fun as the enthusiastic family of four on the box would suggest. Their format makes for an evergreen back catalog that will give new listeners plenty of entertainment to dig into.

Chris M., iTunes review

Have a great time listening to these guys’ hilarious commentaries as they try to compete with each other together with their guests. You’ll end up being entertained regardless of how the game finishes.


The editing is sharp, which is important that they don’t let the tape roll during the whole time as it could overstay its welcome.

Josh M., iTunes review

This show’s more about the guys than the games. They’re really funny and quite good at pushing each other’s buttons. And luckily for the listeners, the games they play are usually weird, old, or both. Not necessarily fun for them to play, but guaranteed to be fun for us to listen to.

Christopher, LiveJournal Review

Everything about this podcast makes me happy.

Leslie A., iTunes review