Donkey: It’s a Kick!

After we listen to a voicemail from Kyle in Hawaii, we introduce our full house of ladies—returning Game Night Gals Kandice, Kristin and Meredith as well as a new player, Wendy! (Plus we hear briefly from Carrie.) This week’s game is Donkey: It’s a Kick! It’s a fast-paced, unpredictable card game that’s a lot of fun to […]


This week we play a game that combines the word play of Scrabble and card play of Gin Rummy. It’s a fun short word game called Quiddler. Sadly, Mike won’t be joining us regularly for game nights so he can focus on some other projects he’s working on. You can keep in touch with Mike […]


Michael Fox — host of The Little Metal Dog Show — joins us this week to play an online version of the wildly popular deck-building card game Dominion. You can play Dominion  for free at Listen to Michael’s board game podcast at He is also the host of the video game podcast, Joypod […]

White Elephant Card Game

We are celebrating Christmas in August. This week, we play a prototype of a game called White Elephant Card Game. It simulates that classic holiday game of being a cheapskate. Big thanks to Brian Kelley for sending us this game. To learn more about it, visit Also thanks to Curtis for joining us this […]

Gin Rummy

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Knock, knock. Say what? Tonight we learn the quintessential two-player card game, Gin Rummy. Learn all about sets and runs and melds. Oh my! Links Recipes for Gin Rummy: one with pineapple juice and one with Peppermint Schnapps Pee-wee Herman’s Big White Shoe Dance Hand-knit Felted Coasters by Laura Smith of […]