Pig Mania (Pass The Pigs)

Tonight, we play Pig Mania, also known as Pass The Pigs. This means we also talk about bacon. Natch. Other topics during table talk include: Our moms, movies, the Roku, Community and Secretly Timid‘s birthday boy Jon. We give a few shout outs for people who have gotten in touch with us recently and written […]


Everyone has heard of Backgammon but has anyone ever played it? Tonight we tackle this staple game found in multi-in-one game sets. We also talk about strippers we’ve seen recently. No, really. Also this week, Mike gives a shout out to a new favorite podcast. Be sure to check out I Can’t Believe I’m a […]

Cookie Fu

Game designer Brian Kowalski gives us a rundown of his dice throwing game Cookie Fu. This, of course, leads Mike and Brian into a discussion about cookies. C is for cookie and that’s good enough for the Game Night Guys. Photos of Brian’s Mr. Bento are on Flickr as are a ton of other people’s. […]


Tonight we learn the risk-taking dice game: Farkle. It is a game of strategy and luck known by many different names with numerous variations. We also discuss the difference between a farkle, a farkle and a farkle. Here’s a hint: One shines, one stinks and one is naughty. Links Urban Dictionary: Farkle Farkle probabilities Save […]