Equable is a game that looks like Scrabble but is played with mathematical equations. If you are frequent listener, you can just imagine how much we’ll enjoy playing this game. We talk about our weekend including hanging out with Marq, Ed and Dan from It’s All About M.E. at Phoenix Comicon.  Listen to Curtis on […]

Deck Around

What’s a London fogger? How about a Twitter bang? Find out when we play Deck Around, a bluffing game in explicit detail. Kristin & Wendy join us to play this week. Things we talk about include Phoenix Comicon and — you guessed it — pie. Thanks to Chris for sending us a copy of his […]

The Moment Of Truth

The Moment Of Truth was a game show where contestants were given a polygraph test and asked hard-hitting questions in front of a live audience in order to win a cash prize. This game is very similar only there’s no live audience, no cash prize and no lie detector. So basically, it’s just a bunch […]

1313 Dead End Drive

ZombieGurl TJ from Greetings From Nowhere sent us this week’s game that’s  a little bit like Clue, and a little bit like Mousetrap. 1313 Dead End Drive is a bluffing game where you should try to conceal your identity. Of course, we do a piss poor job of that. Things we talk about this episode […]