Deck Around

What’s a London fogger? How about a Twitter bang? Find out when we play Deck Around, a bluffing game in explicit detail. Kristin & Wendy join us to play this week. Things we talk about include Phoenix Comicon and — you guessed it — pie. Thanks to Chris for sending us a copy of his […]

Murder, She Wrote

This week we are providing team coverage of the board game Murder, She Wrote with our podcast friends at Flip The Table. We kick off the episode with them and talk about their show, the games they play and their experience playing Murder, She Wrote. Then we dive into the game with our friends Kristin […]

Spill and Spell

We talk a lot about hashtags this week. A LOT. We also talk about Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Pie Party. Oh, and we play a game called Spill and Spell. Be sure to check out next week’s team coverage of the game based on Murder, She Wrote with the guys from Flip […]