Lordy lordy, look who’s 40. Curtis is! And a lot of people want to wish him a Happy Birthday! Then we play a game called Reminiscing meant for — let’s just be honest — old people. Which we are. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings for Curtis! Play in new window | Download […]

Xboxmas 2013

Once again we gather together to celebrate the holidays by playing various video games. This year’s Xboxmas includes Saints Row IV, where Brian and Curtis give the Super Hero-in-Chief a makeover. Then we switch over to the Wii U and play Wii Bowling. Then Curtis shows Brian the new game Super Mario 3D World. Then […]


Schmovie is the hilarious game of outlandish films and we get to talk to the people who made it. Then we dive in and play Schmovie with our friends Carrie and Chris. The usual hilarity and inappropriateness ensues. Thanks to TJ from Nowhere for the voicemail and alynn33 (Our favorite new Canadian) for the iTunes […]