Tonight we learn the risk-taking dice game: Farkle. It is a game of strategy and luck known by many different names with numerous variations. We also discuss the difference between a farkle, a farkle and a farkle. Here’s a hint: One shines, one stinks and one is naughty.


As always, we farkling appreciate you listening. Happy farkles to you.


2 replies on “Farkle”

  1. Hey Mike & Brian,

    Great looking site! I look forward to more posts. If you need some game ideas, please check out my site on dice and dice games. In particular, I think you’d enjoy the game Cookie Fu or Inn Fighting, found on the RPG dice games page. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Mike! I really like Dice games…and Farkle was much easier to learn than I had imagined it to be when doing Internet research. Thanks for those too suggestions. 🙂

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