It’s a cray cray round of Crazy Eights this week as Mike teaches Brian the card game that Uno is based on.

We also give some shout-outs to a few podcasts:

See the Yelping video at

2 replies on “Crazy Eights”

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to say I enjoyed this latest show! I love me some Loco Loco Ochos! Thanks for doing a great job. How in the hell do you get your audio sounding so great? I am jealous!

    Ricky B
    Foul Monkeys

    1. Ricky! From Foul Monkeys! (We love FM!) Thanks! [Your comment went to spam. 🙁 Boo! Stupid WordPress.]

      We use a ridiculous amount of amount of equipment and a few Audacity tricks we learned from Daniel of Dubious Intent + and Live It Up!

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