Everyone has heard of Backgammon but has anyone ever played it? Tonight we tackle this staple game found in multi-in-one game sets. We also talk about strippers we’ve seen recently. No, really.

Also this week, Mike gives a shout out to a new favorite podcast. Be sure to check out I Can’t Believe I’m a Loser at icantbelieveimaloser.comΒ and on iTunes.

4 replies on “Backgammon”

  1. You guys were so robbed in the podcast awards! I voted for you! And you played my favorite game πŸ˜€ I suck at backgammon but I played it for years and its always fun!

  2. You should try Backgammon on a wooden board with small dice, like the ones used in Greece and Turkey (it’s no fun without clattering sounds or with bulky dice). The game is supposed to be played VERY QUICKLY, so you need to practice until you don’t need to count anymore. Only then you get the real thing – it’s a rather awesome game! You always play until one side scores 5 points, the winner gets to start the next round.

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