‘Tis the season for combat, ninjas, zombies and DJs! It’s our second annual holiday special episode, Xboxmas! This year, our special guest is a familiar voice. Mike joins us as Curtis gives us a tour of some favorite video games. First we return the land of combat with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Then Mike & Brian give the Kinect a try by chopping a lot of produce with Fruit Ninja. Next, Curtis tries to protect his house from invasion as he plays Plants Vs. Zombies. We round everything out with some hot jams from DJ Hero 2.

We also hear some holiday greetings from some of our podcasting friends who have been on the show this year. Big thanks to Secretly Timid, Pod is My CoPilot and Linoleum Knife.

Huge hat tip to Mike for joining us again. Be sure to check out his new podcast What Some Would Call Lies at whatsomewouldcalllies.com or iTunes.

We hope everyone has a super fun and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!