This game for some reason has a lot of political imagery however has nothing to do with politics. Weird. Hear Me Out also has a lot of stuff and a lot of rules but it is actually pretty fun to play. Mostly.

We chit chat about a lot of stuff including the TARDIS, that worm from the Richard Scarry books, Big Wheels, Speech class and Paul Thomas Anderson. Curtis tells us why he’d be black and Brian picks a fight with The Rock.

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  1. OMG… so true about the Master… it’s hard to say it’s a bad movie when the acting was so great; however, how can you say it’s a good movie when it was so difficult to understand. The worst for me is that it’s not you don’t understand the movie at all, but you just can’t put them together and say “Oh, this is what happened!”

    Oh… BRAINSTORM!!!!!!!!! 😀

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