Robots and Red Tape sent us a prototype of a game they created to try out. It’s called Questionable Fun and, as you’ll find out, was brought to you by the numbers four and twenty.

If you want to help fund the finished game, head over to Kickstarter and throw them a few bucks. Big thanks to the guys and gals at Robots and Red Tape for sending us the game. They are a fun bunch.

And hey! We have extra people on the show this week. Meredith has new glasses and an ear worm. Kristin is playing the role of Kandi and has opinions about hashtag usage. Plus, you’ll find out what the Reverse Doorstop and who is Dr. Big Laser.

Big thanks to LeslieAnn61 and Phoenixkat for the recent reviews. If you write us a new or update an existing iTunes review, we’ll thank you on the show.