Listener Graeme sent us this week’s game. It’s a darkly comic card game called Gloom and the object of the game is to be miserable. Since it’s allergy season, Brian already has a leg up on Curtis.

Things we talk about this week include: Timehop, Helena Bonham Carter, our fear of clowns (excluding Flip from Flip the Table), Pretty Woman, Hee Haw, Jukebox The Ghost, Matt Pond, The Lighthouse And The Whaler, Borderlands 2, the A3F and Brian’s new best friend, Benadryl.

Big Ups to Graeme for loaning us his game. If you have a game you’d like us to play, send us an email and we’ll tell you how to get it to us.

Thanks Princess Honah for the voicemail and to Timmy Sims for the Valentine’s Day Card.

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