Game Night Guys was a podcast about playing games and chit chatting. It ran from 2010-2016. Each episode the guys take on the challenge of learning and playing a new party game. Tackling everything from classic board and traditional card games to games played online or with a pencil and paper. Breaking many rules along the way, these friends take a light-hearted approach to competition where laughter is always the object of game.

Meet The Hosts

brian_bioBrian Gregory is a web designer who spends his days making the logo bigger and creating beautiful email campaigns that hopefully won’t end up in your spam folder. His favorite games are Yahtzee and Scrabble. He rocks at one of them. The other… not so much.

curtis_bioCurtis Hill works all day with boring financial documents. He has an unhealthy obsession with the movie Toy Story, Lego products , Xbox 360, Nintendo and iPhone apps. He knows way too many useless pop culture trivia facts and nobody likes to play Trivial Pursuit with him.

Former Host

mike_bioMike Lawson likes to over-share on the internet. His job combines his passion for teh interwebs and diabetes advocacy. When Mike isn’t working, he’s usually reading or telling stories.

5 replies on “About Game Night Guys”

  1. Hey guys – saw Sarah’s link on twitter and looked around – and imagine my surprise when I saw we were one of a short list of other podcasts you have a link to! Thanks – I will be sure to add you guys once I update the blogroll over on our…um, blog.

    Are you guys on iTunes yet? I can’t seem to find you, nor can I figure out how to download your show so I can listen to it in the car tomorrow. Let me know, ok?

    Good luck with the podcasting, and welcome to the club – it’s a fun little group of weirdos you’re joining.


    1. The Latte boy himself? 🙂

      Like Brian said we’ll be on iTunes any day now. And we just added a direct link to the mp3. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I heard about a new podcast I must listen to while listening to my biweekly madge and dave fix. I would really like to download it through zune marketplace. If you are able, that would be great. Can’t wait to listen!

    1. Hi Amber! Thanks for your comment.

      We submitted our podcast to the Zune Marketplace earlier this week. We aren’t sure how long it takes for them to approve our submission. Hopefully we will hear back from them soon.

      Thanks for listening!

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