Curtis returns to play his LEGO game, Minotaurus. We talk about all things LEGO including Curtis’s visit to BrickCon and various LEGO things you can make like the Death Star and a VW Beetle.

Check out Chris McVeigh’s LEGO photography at flickr.com/photos/powerpig

Also, you can see photos of all the games we play on Flickr at bit.ly/GNGpix


Do you know the difference between a wappenschawing and a nurdle? It doesn’t matter if you do when you play the bluffing game, Balderdash. Things we discuss in this episode include Elayne Boosler and other 80s comediennes, people who say expresso instead of espresso, Mike’s upcoming birthday tattoo possibilities, and the dangers of binging on sugar-free Peeps.

Congrats to Israel for winning our Steam Powered Giraffe contest.


Brian is super sick this week so what better to play than Cootie, the classic “bug” building game. Topics we discuss include: Ke$ha, Brian’s trip to Chicago to see How Much Do We Love… LIVE!, The Facts of Life, our recent win of an Unloadie on Unload with Madge & Dave, and of course, our love of Nyquil.

Steam Powered Giraffe The Card Game

Tonight we play a card game based on and created by the musical pantomime group Steam Powered Giraffe. We talk to one of the members, David Bennett to find out more about this group of unique & talented performers. We also play their new single Honeybee.

Other side topics include Drew Droege‘s genius Chloe Sevigny videos (check out Toast) and Mike being the subject of a Craigslist missed connection.

Learn more about Steam Powered Giraffe at steampoweredgiraffe.com.

Cookie Fu

Game designer Brian Kowalski gives us a rundown of his dice throwing game Cookie Fu. This, of course, leads Mike and Brian into a discussion about cookies. C is for cookie and that’s good enough for the Game Night Guys.

Photos of Brian’s Mr. Bento are on Flickr as are a ton of other people’s.

After we played, we had dinner at China Chili. It was t-t-t-tasty tasty.

Learn more about Cookie Fu at cookiefu.com.


This week we play Taboo, the word guessing party game. Thanks to Macy for letting us play your game.

Are you listening to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour? It’s an awesome fun podcast we highly recommend. (Don’t let the NPR part scare you.)


This week we play one our of favorite games, Yahtzee. We also gab a lot. Topics discussed include: the trouble with over-the-counter medication, 80s sitcoms, Mike’s book obsession, How Much Do We Love… LIVE!, drinking games, Brian’s workplace fun days, listener game nights on our Facebook page, and┬áreality television including RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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