VH1 Pop-Up Video Game

We invite our friends from Unload with Madge and Dave to play this week’s game, because who better to play VH1 Pop-Up Video Game than self-proclaimed PhDs in pop culture who love to sing?

You can see examples of Pop-Up Video on YouTube.

Big thanks to Madge & Dave for coming on the show and playing with us. We had so much fun with them. If you haven’t already¬†subscribed to their podcast, you are really missing out. They are hilar. Fo shizz.


For some reason while we play Rummikub, our inner 10-year-olds come out where everything we say is giggle-inducing. Things we crack wise about: boobs, brides, strippers, Dan Savage, jokes by jam hands, neti pots, Ben Hur, inappropriate song spurts, local drag queen Barbra Seville and listener Jennifer’s photo booth.

Here are the rules for playing Rummikub.

Justin Bieber Backstage Pass

Now that the holidays are over, Mike & Brian discuss the problems with workplace holiday gift exchanges as we play a game Mike received this year. Brace yourselves. Tonight we are playing Justin Bieber Backstage Pass. Oh Em Gee!


Did you get a Snuggie, Chia Obama or something awful at your work gift exchange? Let us know!

Xboxmas 2010

Happy Xboxmas! For our holiday special we are joined by our pal Curtis as he gives us a tour of some favorite video games. First we get to channel our inner holiday rage and blow stuff up with Call of Duty: Black Ops. Then we get in touch with our inner ten-year-old while exploring Peggle. Curtis springs a mystery game on us. Mike & Brian attempt to play a virtual version of Jenga. We end our Xboxing with a visit to the strange and beautiful world of Beautiful Katamari.

But that’s not all! We also announce the winner of our first contest. Plus we listen to holiday greetings from some of our podcasting friends.

A huge thanks to Curtis for being our special guest host. If you’d like to play games with him, his Xbox Gamertag is curtishill74.

We also want to thank Madge & Dave from Unload with Madge & Dave, Sara from How Much Do We Love… and Michael Fox from The Little Metal Dog Show for being a part of our Xboxmas festivities. If you haven’t checked out their podcasts, do so now! They are all terrific and awesome.


Merry Christmas! Spread some holiday cheer!

Twenty Questions

Is it bigger than a bread box? Find out as the Game Night Guys play the classic guessing game Twenty Questions. After we take turns trying to stump each other, we then play with a computerized doo-hickey called a 20Q based on the game.


Can you put it in your mouth? Let us know!


This week, Mike teaches Brian how to play a favorite game from his childhood, Mancala. After we drew numbers to see who would go first, Mike explains what drew him to choose this game. We also discuss some recent drama and of course, kids and their inefficient tiny hands.


Dreidel and Staccabees

Tonight, the Game Night Guys celebrate the Festival of Lights by playing the classic game of Dreidel. Then we play a stacking game appropriately called Staccabees. Happy Hanukkah! Or Chanukkah! Or however you want to spell it.

Mille Bornes

Mille Borne is French for a thousand milestones, however the way the Game Night Guys play, it should stand for meltdown. Join us while we learn this car racing card game that leaves us both with a lot of road rage.


Merci beaucoup pour votre attention!