Hurry Up!

The Game Night Guys review a new fast-paced dice game called Hurry Up! this week. We enjoyed playing this game so much that we’ve decided to give one away to a lucky listener. It’s our first contest and a shameless plug for reviews. Hizzah!

We also talk about being interviewed on The Little Metal Dog Show and contributing to Unload with Madge and Dave, our current fanboy crush.

Big thanks to Maureen with RandomLine for sending us this game to review. Maureen rocks!



What do these three things have in common? Batman, The Bee Gees & Mrs. Doubtfire.* If you know the answer, you can play TriBond, the game where you try to find the common bond between three clues.


* All three have Robins.


This week Mike & Brian play Checkers, one of the oldest games around. Things we discuss in this episode include Woolly Mammoth Antiques, Oddities & Resale located in Andersonville, the terrific podcast How Much Do We Love… and Brian’s childhood crush on Shaun Cassidy.

Eat It!

It’s Halloween and we are celebrating the true reason for the season… CANDY! Join us as we play Eat It!, a trivia game about sweets, snacks and other junk food.


What is your favorite candy? Let us know!

Hello Kitty Big Roll Bingo

What happens when you combine BINGO and the über cute world of Sanrio? Hello Kitty Big Roll Bingo! No, really. We played this and we actually had fun doing it!



This week Mike & Brian play Uno, which is not so fun with dos but much better with tres. So we asked our friend Curtis to join us. As if that weren’t special enough, instead of playing ordinary Uno we play Disney Princess Uno to mix it up a bit. Time to get your ingenue heroine on.


This week we play one of the most popular board games worldwide, Monopoly. Plus, we discuss this cultural phenomenon with Kevin Tostado, the producer and director of the new documentary, Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story. Kevin shares some history about the game as well as some strategy. Check out the trailer.


A special thanks to Kevin for talking to us.

Gin Rummy

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Knock, knock.
Say what?

Tonight we learn the quintessential two-player card game, Gin Rummy. Learn all about sets and runs and melds. Oh my!


Thanks for listening!

Trivial Pursuit Music Singles

This week, we test our musical knowledge playing Trivial Pursuit Music Singles, a slimmed down version of the original game. Listen to find out who wins: the guy who says he doesn’t listen to the radio or the guy who does but can’t get the names of singers or song titles straight.




Tonight we learn the risk-taking dice game: Farkle. It is a game of strategy and luck known by many different names with numerous variations. We also discuss the difference between a farkle, a farkle and a farkle. Here’s a hint: One shines, one stinks and one is naughty.


As always, we farkling appreciate you listening. Happy farkles to you.