We make no apologies for this episode as we explore the hallmark of family-friendly games, Sorry. Take one step forward and four steps back. While the safety zone will protect you from being sent back to the start, it may not protect you from viruses.


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Twilight The Movie Card Game

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Actually, a better question would be: are you Team Mike or Team Brian? Choose wisely as we delve into the tween vampire sensation by playing  Twilight The Movie Card Game. Will we be swept away by this tale of forbidden teen lust or will we learn, that much like vampires themselves, this game really sucks?


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War. What is it good for? Absolutely something… say it again y’all.

This week, Mike teaches Brian how to play a easy, fast-paced game with a standard deck of cards. It’s a good game for two people and simple enough that it’s great for kids. Simple enough for kids = simple enough for the Game Night Guys.


Simulations of War using smarty-pants science stuff.


We learn another valuable lesson about podcasting during our second episode: it’s much easier walking and chewing gum at the same time than it is talking and playing the board/card game, Sequence, where one-eyed Jacks are wild and the King of Hearts looks a wee bit Irish.


How to Make a Sequence Board Game.

It’s your move!


For our first episode we take on a staple of game nights, Scattergories. Find out how easy it is to startle Mike and how Brian’s malapropism affects his play while we fumble our way through our first recording, which is actually our second recording.

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