Pride48 PodClash

This week’s episode was recorded live in front of a studio audience in Las Vegas at Pride48. With so many podcasters in one place, we decided to pick six and pit them against each other in an ultimate battle we call Pride48 PodClash.

BIG THANKS to our contestants. Be sure to check out their podcasts: Brenda Boo – Hello Again, It’s Brenda Boo and Life On The Shit List, The Fey Drive – Pink Wheelnuts, Kalvin – Hello Waffles, Zombiegurl TJ – Greetings From Nowhere, and Taylor The Latte Boy & Babaloo – Pod Is My CoPilot.

Also a tip of the hat to Musing Mark for running our sound. Check him out at Musings of a Tech Writer and Life On The Shit List.

Entertainment Tonight: The Trivia Game

Curtis got this game from a Reddit Gift Exchange.  It’s a cash-grab trivia game called Entertainment Tonight: The Trivia Game. Get ready to scream at your mobile listening devices. We suck at this.


Thank you phiguru for sending us this game!

Join us September 20, 2014 at 2:05 PM (PDT) for our live show from Las Vegas on 

Tony Randall’s Word Quest

This week’s game is endorsed by none other than The Odd Couple‘s Felix Unger. Tony Randall’s Word Quest is a word trivia game and has nothing to do with Tony Danza or Tony Robbins. Unfortunately. During gameplay, we give a recap of #BriDay and listen to a voicemail from Marq & Ed.

On October 25, Curtis and the guys from Flip The Table will be playing video games and board games for 24 hours to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Curtis will be supporting Phoenix Children’s Hospital. You can make a safe, easy donation online here:

Battle of the Bands

Christina from Greetings from Nowhere and her husband, Bob visit us this week and teach us how to play the card game, Battle of the Bands. We find out just HOW competitive the Hills are. Spoiler alert… A LOT!

Be sure to listen to Curtis on Pod Is My CoPilot and Brian on the Pink Wheelnuts Garage.

Curtis is joining the guys from Flip The Table as a member of Team Bance for Extra Life, a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. If you’d like to support Curtis and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, you can donate here.

Big thanks to Christina and Bob for being on the show!

Monument Valley, These Lumps, Fairway Solitaire Blast, Puzzlejuice and Akinator the Genie

We’re playing with our phones this week. It’s another iOS app show. First we visit the beautiful world of impossible architecture called Monument Valley. Then we dive into These Lumps, a silly game based on  Adventure Time. Next we cut the deck and hit the green with Fairway Solitaire Blast. Then we play a Puzzlejuice, an app that combines Tetris and a word game. And finally we play a 20 Questions style game and try to stump Akinator the Genie. 

The Big Bang Theory Rock! Paper! Scissors! Lizard! Spock! Dice Game

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock takes the classic Rock Paper Scissors game and gives it a nerdy twist as popularized but the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. During gameplay, a shocking and devastating secret about Curtis is revealed.  How’s THAT for a teaser!


Lordy lordy, look who’s 40. Curtis is! And a lot of people want to wish him a Happy Birthday! Then we play a game called Reminiscing meant for — let’s just be honest — old people. Which we are.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings for Curtis!


Equable is a game that looks like Scrabble but is played with mathematical equations. If you are frequent listener, you can just imagine how much we’ll enjoy playing this game. We talk about our weekend including hanging out with Marq, Ed and Dan from It’s All About M.E. at Phoenix Comicon. 

Listen to Curtis on It’s All About M.E. 

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80s Music Trivia

Taylor the Latte Boy from Pod Is My CoPilot requested we play a trivia game about the 80s this week so lo and behold HERE IS YOUR 80s MUSIC TRIVIA GAME, TAYLOR. It’s all about music in the 80s which means we reminisce a lot about that fantastic musical decade and the loss of K-Tel albums. We also talk about an imaginary sundress for bit. It’s weird, we know.

Be sure to check out Brian on Episode 297 of Pod Is My CoPilot.